The Vine Homeschooling Co-op
The Vine Homeschooling Co-op
Academically Based, Christian Homeschool Co-op
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Welcome to the Vine HSC

A home schooling Co-Op of Jacksonville, Florida

Who are we?

The Vine HSC, Inc. is an academic Christian homeschooling co-op located in Jacksonville, FL.

We offer a 1st -12th grade education program, as well as a nursery, preschool, and kindergarten enrichment program for our participating families.

Our families are comprised of a diverse group of born again Christian believers, choosing to work and socialize together, creating a wonderful, caring environment for our students.

By utilizing each of our families' individual talents and gifts, we are able to impart a Biblically centered academic instruction, which meets or exceeds the state's standards for our students. Our kids enjoy co-op because they can be around their like-minded school friends while learning!

If you are looking for a safe and God centered environment to assist you in your children's homeschooling education, kindly consider The Vine HSC. To schedule a time to come by and visit us on one of our school days, click the Contact button.

We meet at Fort Caroline Christian Church each Friday, beginning at 8:45 AM.

What's the Difference?

Support Groups:A support group is exactly what it's name says. It is a group of people that meet occasionally to support each other, go on field trips and organized functions.

Co-op: A group of people that meet together at appointed times and Co-Op-erate by working together, using their talents and gifts to teach each other's children.