The Vine Homeschooling Co-op
The Vine Homeschooling Co-op
Academically Based, Christian Homeschool Co-op
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Welcome to the Vine HSC

A home schooling Co-Op of Jacksonville, Florida

Who are we?

The Vine HSC, Inc. is an academic Christian homeschooling co-op located in Jacksonville, FL.

We offer a 1st -12th grade education program including Writing, History, and Science, as well as a nursery, preschool, and kindergarten enrichment program for our participating families.  We believe that the main way children learn in their younger years is through play.  We do not begin academics until First grade.  Children in the nursery through Kindergarten will be able to participate in a safe and fun learning environment.  As such, Families with children in 1st - 12th grade looking to join The Vine HSC are prioritized over prospective members with children in Kindergarten or younger.

Our families are comprised of a diverse group of born again Christian believers, choosing to work and socialize together, creating a wonderful, caring environment for our students.

By utilizing each of our families' individual talents and gifts, we are able to impart a Biblically centered academic instruction, which meets or exceeds the state's standards for our students. Our kids enjoy co-op because they can be around their like-minded school friends while learning!

If you are looking for a safe and God centered environment to assist you in your children's homeschooling education, kindly consider The Vine HSC.  

To schedule a time to come by and visit us on one of our school days, click the Contact button.

We meet at Fort Caroline Christian Church each Friday, beginning at 8:45 AM.

What's the Difference?

Support Groups:A support group is exactly what it's name says. It is a group of people that meet occasionally to support each other, go on field trips and organized functions.

Co-op: A group of people that meet together at appointed times and Co-Op-erate by working together, using their talents and gifts to teach each other's children.